It would be a real pleasure to draw your idea, wish or need. Wether it is for personal use or commercial purposes I would be willing to work on it. Prices are as follows:

  • Prices are in Euros
  • Prices would increase 30% if you wish to include a second subject. 20% for a third.
  • Personalized means adding a desired feature to the subject. E.g clothes, accessories, a human aspect... Therefore, prices shown in this area are subject to changes depending on the hours required for me to accomplish the work. Prices shown in the table were calculated for an extra three hours of work from a full body option. As I said it might be less but it might be more. Send me your wishes and I will contact you yo give you an accurate price.
  • For different options or in case you just need a digital file please specify your needs in the Commission Form below. I would contact you the sooner for an accurate price.

Please notice that I don´t draw humans